08 April 2008

I have a new niece!!!

For those of you who don't know, Lydia had her baby on Friday April 4th at 6:55 am! She is the sweetest little girl ever and her name is Zoe. She is gorgeous and perfect. Lydia placed her for adoption with an amazing, amazing family (the Smith's - if you want to look at their blog their link is on the right side of my page).
It has been a learning experience for me to be with Lydia as she went through this whole process. She is a stro
ng and Christlike girl and has taught me so much. Lindsay and Jeremiah are like family now. Zoe has been an angel in so many people's lives and I am so thankful for her!

07 April 2008

I posted some new videos of me singing on my YouTube site... i'm not trying to be a superstar... just a stay at home mom looking for something that I enjoy doing:) ha

Just copy and paste the link below:

I have SO much to catch up on, but i will have to do that later. I learned this song today to relieve some stress... it's a little rough but whatever :)


30 March 2008

Noah has been taking a few steps recently, but this morning he just took off:) Dan posted 3 videos on his Facebook page if you want to get check them out!


06 March 2008

...More Cute Faces...

This is Noah's first time in his BIG BOY car seat a couple weeks ago... he was so excited!!!
And tired:)

22 February 2008

February 21, 2008
Happy Birthday little sweet Noah Bear!!!

Noah is officially 1 year old! I absolutely refuse to believe that my baby is

Last Saturday we had a little birthday party for Noah and Da
n's Dad - "Bapa".

Dan is such a good Daddy and while Noah and I took a nap, he went shopping for all the fun birthday stuff. Noah and I woke up and came downstairs to find balloo
ns, a birthday sign, wrapped presents, and a cake baking in the oven. What an amazing Daddy Noah has!!!

Noah had a great time until Daddy got the idea to have everyone blow their little horns and make as much noise as they could at the end of the Birthday song... the picture above shows Noah's reaction :).

After he calmed down from the noise, he quite enjoyed digging into the cake. He started by sticking his little fingers in and testing the waters. He then progressed to taking a couple little bites out of the edge and by the end, he was in destruction mode and ultimately pushed the entire cake off of his highchair :).

This past year has been so much fun as we've watched Noah learn and grow. He has brought so much joy to our lives... sounds cliche' but it's so true. My heart is full as I type this and think about how blessed we are with this angel in our home. I love Noah more than I ever knew was possible.
Dan and I are so thankful for little Noah and the amazing blessing he has been to us. I can't believe that our baby is growing so fast. I am in denial today and everything in me wants to refuse to give Noah REAL milk and let him drink from a cup and all the other fun things that you get to do once you hit 1. Today I just snuggled my little baby and did not want to let go...

It has been a fun year and we look forward to all of the fun things that are in store for us this next year with this little happy man. Thank you all for your love and support of our family. We love you all:)

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